Services and Projects


Our experience ranges from full-scale film and media projects to detailed innovation in the science curriculum, multi-media web-projects using video shot in orbit to interactive technology using live data feeds from space. With our unique combination of high-end media production skills, detailed knowledge of education, and a team which includes former space scientists, we are able to innovate hand-in-hand with space-related companies, communicators and educators to inspire the next generation of space scientists and engineers, and reach out to businesses, investors and the general public alike.

A brief summary of our services and some of our projects is provided below. Further examples of our work will be added here over time. Information about some our most recent projects can be found in the Latest section.

Media Production

We have world-class media production capabilities. Our highly experienced team includes Dr Chris Riley, who has an unrivaled track-record as a producer, director and writer on globally successful space-related film and TV projects. Our production work spans across feature-length documentary, high-end corporate and promotional films, sophisticated animation, and educational content.

Recent work includes:

  • First Orbit (Producer/director: Chris Riley; Executive Producer: Ravi Kapur)
  • Our Space - educational clips created from footage shot on board the ISS
  • The 'Day in the Life' series of films, following UK space scientists and engineers.
  • Research films - compelling stories from the front line of science for UK universities.
  • BBC 2 Final Shuttle documentary (for Ricochet Productions) - Producer: Chris Riley; additional material produced by Ravi Kapur.

Education & Outreach Initiatives

Our wide-ranging projects and services in space eduction and outreach include:

Design and development of national and global space education projects, (including educational consultancy and development on the YouTube Space Lab competition).

Development of tailored outreach programs for space related organisations

Management of workshops, speaker tours and in-school presentations

Curriculum materials and innovations, including multimedia resources, lesson plans and previous support for the Leading Space Schools project.

Advice for outreach providers and science centres.

Interactive technologies for schools, including Portable Space Signpost.

Our Space - multimedia resources, website and competition for school children, based around Richard Garriott's private mission to the ISS in 2008. (In conjunction with Venture Thinking and Queen Mary University of London)

Provision of film and video resources to ESERO-UK.

Interactive Technology

We have specialist expertise in the design and development of interactive technologies for public engagement and space education. These can be exhibits, sci-art installations or portable tools. We have an in-depth understanding of how use of live data streams and enabling physical orientation in relation to objects in space can enhance learning and public understanding.

Our flagship project is the unique Space Signpost suite of products. The full scale Space Signpost, originally developed by Adam Nieman in conjunction with Futurelab, is a public installation, which has a proven track record as a powerful public engagement tool in its two current locations - Bristol and the Kopernik Science Centre in Warsaw.

The portable versions have also proved a hit in schools, science centres, conferences and science roadshows in several countries.

Customers and users of the portable versions of Space Signpost have included the BBC, ESA, UKSA, RAL Space, Richard Garriott, schools, businesses and others.

The products, and the accompanying software package 'Welcome to the Neighbourhood', are fully customisable, and can be adapted for different size, location and usage requirements. This customisation can also enable the system to be used to draw attention to particular missions, payloads and objects, or linked to events and launches.

More detailed information and videos about Space Signpost will be made available on this website in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, further information can currently be found at:

We also advise on the design and development of interactive technologies for schools, science centres and museums, create software and video content for other systems, and develop innovative science and education applications for existing interactive technologies.

For further information, or to request a product brochure for Space Signpost, please contact us.

Strategic Marcoms and PR

Imperative Space regularly provides strategic communications and marketing support as an integrated part of many of its projects. In addition we provide stand-alone PR, media relations and public affairs services, informed by our specialist knowledge of trends, policy developments, and media interest in the space sector. Several members of our team have previous backgrounds as communications directors and advisers, journalists and broadcasters.

Amongst our recent media relations and PR support, we have provided services for the bid team for the Square Kilometre Array Africa bid. This work included press office support, media liaison at a high profile event at the South African embassy, and resulted in numerous mainstream media hits, including several BBC radio items, broadsheet coverage, blogs and wider web coverage.

Other specialist marcoms services we provide include: graphic design, info-graphics, strategy, and editorial and writing services.

For more information, please contact us.

Creative & Design Services

Much of Imperative Space's work is informed by experience in design, creative services and 'sci-art'.

In addition to the design of interactive technologies, we have also been involved in the development of innovative new designs for science teaching labs, science centres, and the incorporation of space-related concepts into the design of educational buildings.

Our team includes a number of qualified designers in various fields, leading photographers and visual artists, graphic designers, writers and animators.

Information about some of the creative projects led by members of our team will appear on this website in the future. If you would like to explore this area of our work with us in more depth, please get in touch.

Innovation Support

Innovation permeates everything we do. Our team includes experts in open innovation, agile software development, and design.

We know and understand the space sector and emerging space technologies, and we can facilitate processes to explore new business opportunities and develop new service models, based on a rapidly evolving cost and access landscape across the sector.

We can also facilitate proactive and targeted knowledge exchange, through events, videos, publications and strategic support.

We are always looking to build partnerships to develop new and innovative business opportunities. If you would like to explore these areas with us in more depth please contact us.

Project Management

We are also expert project managers, and routinely lead complex, multi-stranded and interdisciplinary projects.

We can help plan for and take forward creative, educational, and innovation-led projects of all scales, while ensuring robust financial controls and reporting at all stages.

We can also provide general management consultancy to help devise, scale-up, or streamline projects and initiatives.

To find out more about our skills and credentials in these areas please contact us.