ExoMars outreach film completed and praised by science community

Production of the Aurora outreach film commissioned by the UK Space Agency has reached completion, and and the film has been well received by the science community.

This 35 minute documentary film, called 'Aurora: Europe's Journey to Mars', follows the work of UK scientists and engineers in various fields on the research and design of instrumentation for the ExoMars rover mission, and the precursor 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter mission.

The documentary has also been segmented into ten short films for distribution to schools and science centres across the UK along with accompanying educational lesson resources. The films have been praised by the science community for acting as a portrait of science on the front line of planetary exploration, revealing the science, technology, engineering and planning involved in missions of this complexity.

The films have been initially released via space education websites, and a new website for the films is due to be launched in September 2016.

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