Sun, Jan 01 2017


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ExoMars outreach film completed and praised by science community

Thu, Mar 31 2016

Production of the Aurora ExoMars outreach film commissioned by the UK Space Agency has reached completion, and and the film has been well received by the science community.

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Imperative Space supports spectacular Tim Peake launch event

Tue, Dec 15 2015

Imperative Space has overseen production of the live video content and provided additional material for the Science Museum's all day public event to celebrate the launch to the ISS of first British-ESA astronaut Tim Peake.

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Imperative Space to produce MOOC on Catastrophe Modelling with IEA

Tue, Dec 01 2015

Imperative Space has been commissioned to produce a MOOC on Catastrophe Modelling and Risk by Oasis LMF, working in partnership with the Institute for Environmental Analytics

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ESA Climate MOOC relaunched with new content for COP21

Mon, Nov 23 2015

The 'Monitoring Climate from Space' MOOC, produced by Imperative Space for ESA, has been updated and relaunched to coincide with the COP21 Paris Climate Summit

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ESA commissions Imperative Space to produce second MOOC on Earth Observation.

Mon, Nov 09 2015

ESA has engaged Imperative Space to produce a follow-up MOOC to its first course on 'Monitoring Climate from Space', released earlier this year.

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Imperative Space to present ideas on open education to ESA EO Science 2.0 conference

Mon, Oct 05 2015

Imperative Space managing director Ravi Kapur will present a keynote session on the role of cutting edge education platforms in EO education and training at the ESA EO Science 2.0 conference in ESRIN

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Imperative Space provides UK Space Conference video coverage for Space News

Thu, Jul 30 2015

Imperative Space has provided video coverage of the 2015 UK Space Conference, held in Liverpool, for

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Interview with UK Space Agency CEO David Parker for Space News

Mon, Jul 13 2015

On the eve of the biannual UK Space Conference, the UK Space Agency CEO Dr David Parker gives an in-depth, wide-ranging on-screen interview to Imperative Space, published on today.

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ESA MOOC, produced by Imperative Space, universally praised

Mon, Jul 13 2015

ESA's 'Monitoring Climate from Space' MOOC, designed and produced by Imperative Space, has received universal praise on the completion of its first 'live run' on the FutureLearn platform.

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ESA 'Monitoring Climate from Space' MOOC opens for enrolment

Tue, Apr 07 2015

ESA's first MOOC, designed and produced by Imperative Space, has opened for enrolment on the FutureLearn platform, with online lessons beginning on 8th June 2015

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ESA selects Imperative Space to lead CROWD4SAT citizen science project

Mon, Feb 23 2015

ESA has selected Imperative Space to lead an in-depth research and demonstration project aimed at testing techniques and methodologies in crowd-sourcing and citizen science when working with a range of 'observations from satellites'

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Imperative Space engaged by UKSA to produce films about ExoMars

Mon, Jan 19 2015

Imperative Space has been awarded a contract by the UK Space Agency to produce a set of films about ExoMars and the Aurora Programme

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Full dome animation for Univeristy of Plymouth

Thu, Feb 12 2015

As part of its continuing work in full dome film production, Imperative Space has created a full dome animation film for the University of Plymouth in conjunction with Carbon Visuals

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'Change Ringing' contemporary music event supported by Imperative Space

Mon, Nov 17 2014

Imperative Space will provide visuals for a multi-faceted contemporary music and arts event based around the 'Change Ringing' collaboration from composer Laurence Osborn and artist Peter Shenai

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Imperative Space to present at ESA Learn EO! conference

Mon, Oct 20 2014

Imperative Space has been invited by ESA to present its ideas on the development of educational apps and multimedia resources for earth observation, at the Learn EO! conference at ESRIN, Italy.

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Imperative Space produces video content for Space News

Wed, Oct 01 2014

Imperative Space has been engaged by to provide video production services for recent event coverage.

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Imperative Space to present at British Association of Planetaria Conference

Wed, Sep 10 2014

Imperative Space will be presenting clips from some experimental full dome films and describing its approach to documentary film-making for the dome at the BAP Conference in Birmingham.

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Space Studio Banbury opens its doors to students

Wed, Sep 03 2014

The Space Studio school in Banbury, Oxfordshire, which has been supported by Imperative Space, has successfully opened on schedule today. This unique school, for students aged 14-18, is the first of its kind in the world, offering a curriculum oriented around space science and technology

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Imperative Space awarded ESA contract to produce earth observation training course

Tue, Jul 01 2014

Imperative Space has been awarded a contract by ESA to produce a series of training films and additional educational resources on the use of earth observation data for climate monitoring.

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Imperative Space's sister company Carbon Visuals invited to showcase at White House event

Mon, May 19 2014

Imperative Space's sister company Carbon Visuals has been invited to showcase its ground-breaking work in environmental data visualisation at a White House event.

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Ravi Kapur, Managing Director of Imperative Space, joins Board of Governors of Space Studio Banbury

Mon, Apr 21 2014

Ravi Kapur, Managing Director of Imperative Space, has joined the formal Board of Governors of the new Space Studio school in Banbury, UK.

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Imperative's Ravi Kapur to present lecture on Astronomy in the Media for National Astronomy Week

Mon, Mar 03 2014

Imperative Space's managing director, Ravi Kapur, will present a keynote lecture at the Think Tank science centre in Birmingham, UK, as part of National Astronomy Week.

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Imperative Space completes two more films in the 'Day in the Life' series

Mon, Feb 24 2014

Imperative Space has completed two more films in its series following 'A Day in the Life of UK Space Scientists and Engineers'.

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Imperative Space completes design project for Aga Khan Academies

Mon, Jan 27 2014

Imperative Space has provided design and science communication advisory services for the Aga Khan Academies, an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network.

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Imperative Space to film Appleton Conference at RAL Space

Mon, Nov 25 2013

Imperative Space will be filming the 9th Appleton Conference at RAL Space on 5th December 2013

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Imperative Space participates in Climate KIC event

Mon, Oct 28 2013

Imperative Space has been invited to present its strategy on EO education and data visualisation at the Climate KIC conference in Valencia

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Imperative Space and Magellium complete Phase 1 feasibility study for EO Education project

Fri, Sep 27 2013

Imperative Space and technical partners Magellium UK have completed the Phase 1 feasibility study for their on-going project to enable greater access to EO data for educational purposes.

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Imperative Space to film UK Space Conference

Mon, Jul 08 2013

Imperative Space has been engaged by the UK Space Agency and Intellect UK to film the UK Space Conference in Glasgow.

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New Space Studio School engages Imperative Space for films, design and education support

Mon, Jun 03 2013

Imperative Space has been engaged by the Aspirations Academies Trust (AAT) to provide video production, design and advisory support for their forthcoming Space Studio School, due to launch in September 2014.

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Imperative Space produces video installation for SatApps Catapult 'Hyperwall'

Mon, May 27 2013

Imperative Space has been commissioned to produce a technically challenging, high-resolution video installation for the 28-screen 'Hyperwall' at the Satellite Applications Catapult, at Harwell, Oxfordshire.

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Imperative Space joins Open Data Institute new ventures programme with EO project

Wed, May 01 2013

Imperative space has been invited to join the new ventures programme at the Open Data Institute, to take forward a project based around earth observation data.

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Space Higher Apprenticeship film used to launch initiative

Mon, Mar 18 2013

The Space Engineering Higher Apprenticeship film produced by Imperative Space has been released as part of the launch events for the initiative.

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Imperative Space producing space engineering apprenticeship films

Tue, Feb 12 2013

Imperative Space has been commissioned by Loughborough College and the National Space Academy to produce two short films about their new higher apprenticeships in space engineering.

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Imperative's 'Day in the Life' films completed and distributed to schools

Mon, Nov 05 2012

The first phase of the 'Day in the Life' Films projects has now been completed, and the films and accompanying curriculum resources will be distributed via a host of education partners during November 2012.

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Imperative Space selected for Earth Charter 'Pictures of Success' project

Tue, Oct 23 2012

Imperative Space has been selected as one of 50 innovative and socially-minded companies to be featured in the Pictures of Success project, part of the 'Earth Charter in Business' programme.

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Magellium and Imperative Space partnering on EO projects

Mon, Oct 01 2012

Magellium UK and Imperative Space have begun working together on development projects intended to pilot new and innovative services utilising Earth Observation data.

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Imperative Space develops new partnerships in interactive and immersive media

Mon, Jul 16 2012

Imperative Space is developing a number of new partnerships in the science centre and immersive media arenas, and will announce some of these at the IPS 2012 conference.

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Imperative Space to advise Kazan Federal University on new Astro Park

Fri, Jul 06 2012

Imperative Space has been commissioned by MTD Group and Kazan Federal University, Russia, to provide research and design services for its proposed new 'Astro Park'.

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Space Signpost to be exhibited at IPS 2012 in Louisiana

Mon, Jul 02 2012

A Portable Space Signpost from Imperative Space will be on display at the International Planetarium Society Conference 2012, in Louisiana, USA.

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Imperative Space provides design and content development services for space-related visitor attraction

Mon, Jun 25 2012

Imperative Space has provided a range of design, content development, and education-strategy related services for a new space-related visitor attraction in th UK.

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Imperative's Christopher Phillips launches astronomy education project for challenging environments

Tue, May 01 2012

Imperative Space associate Christopher Phillips has announced a project to revitalise astronomy education and stimulate wider science education in schools in challenging environments around the world.

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Chris Riley urges space agencies to support the 'human imperative'

Tue, Apr 10 2012

Imperative's Chris Riley has published an article issuing a call to action by the world's space agencies, to ensure continued support for the 'human imperative' for space exploration.

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First Orbit Blu-ray and DVD released

Tue, Apr 03 2012

The Blu-ray and DVD versions of Chris Riley's First Orbit feature documentary, have been released globally. The Blu-ray includes translations of Yuri Gagarin's communications from Vostok 1 in thirty languages.

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RAL Space funds short films

Fri, Mar 30 2012

RAL Space will fund an additional set of short films as part of the Imperative Space/UKSA backed 'Day in the Life' films project.

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Max Alexander photographs ALMA and VLT for ESO 50th anniversary

Thu, Mar 29 2012

Imperative Space associate Max Alexander has completed a three-week trip to Chile as the official photographer for the ESO 50th anniversary celebrations.

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YouTube Space Lab global winners announced

Fri, Mar 23 2012

The young winners of the YouTube Space Lab global science and engineering competition have been announced at a special awards ceremony in Washington DC.

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Imperative Space to produce short films for UK Space Agency

Mon, Dec 19 2011

Imperative Space has been awarded funding by the UK Space Agency to produce a series of short films revealing 'a day in the life' of leading UK space scientists and engineers.

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Imperative Space at Innovate '11

Mon, Oct 10 2011

Imperative Space MD Ravi Kapur will be speaking at the Space entrepreneurship seminar during the Technology Strategy Board's Innovate '11 conference on 11th October.

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Imperative Space Launches

Mon, Oct 10 2011

A new venture, Imperative Space, has been launched to provide creative communications services to private and public organisations working in the rapidly growing, multi-billion-dollar space sector.

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