Imperative Space supports 'Change Ringing' contemporary music and arts event

Imperative Space will provide visuals for a multi-faceted contemporary music and arts event based around the 'Change Ringing' collaboration from composer Laurence Osborn and artist Peter Shenai, to be held at the LimeWharf Annex in east London in December.

'Change Ringing' is a new composition by rising contemporary music star Laurence Osborn which incorporates a unique set of bells cast at the Whitechapel Foundry by his collaborator artist Peter Shenai. The bells have a mathematical shape based on changing temperature data from across the 20th century, and consequently are both a visual and sonorific representation of recent climate change.

Imperative Space and its sister company Carbon Visuals will provide climate-related data visualisations and earth observation imagery for the event.

The event to be held at the LimeWharf on 4th December will include only the fourth public performance of this critically acclaimed new work, along with four world premieres of shorter new works composed by other composers in response to Laurence's piece and incorporating the same bells.

The event will also feature DJ-sets by composer Gabriel Prokofiev and a spoken word segment by John Ashton, former diplomat and former Special Representative on Climate Change for the UK Government.

The executive producer of the event is Ravi Kapur, managing director of Imperative Space.

Further details of the event can be found at the Change Ringing website and on the event poster, or for more information pleased contact us.