Aurora and ExoMars Films for UK Space Agency

Imperative Space has been awarded a contract by the UK Space Agency to produce a set of films about ExoMars and the ESA Aurora Programme.

The main film will be a documentary following the work of scientists and engineers, principally in the UK, working on instruments and research for the 2018 ExoMars mission, and the precursor 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter mission.

The main film will be produced in multiple formats, for distribution to science centres, planetaria, other public venues and online. Additional short films will be produced for distribution to schools, with accompanying curriculum resources.

The films will reveal the science, technology, engineering and planning involved in missions of this complexity, and will explain the aims of the missions and the obstacles they will need to overcome.

Based in part on the approach used in the previous 'Day in the Life' films project, these new films will also show the enthusiasm and dedication of both the young and the more experienced scientists and engineers alike, and the range of experiences involved in working on the frontline of space science.

The films are due for completion during the summer 2015.

Further information about this project will be provided here later in 2015.

For additional details, please contact us.