ESA 'CROWD4SAT' Citizen Science Project

ESA has selected Imperative Space to lead an in-depth research and demonstration project aimed at testing techniques and methodologies in crowd-sourcing and citizen science when working with a range of 'observations from satellites'.

The 'CROWD4SAT' project will involve the use of data from space science missions such as Herschel, Earth observation data from Sentinel satellites and other missions, and data derived from the ISS.

Working in close conjunction with Zooniverse, based at the University of Oxford, and other partners, Imperative Space will set up and run a series of pilot initiatives, involving general and educational audiences as citizen scientists.

The data utilised will range across astronomical observations, environmental monitoring, disaster management data and ISS based scientific experiments. The pilot projects will be accompanied by a detailed study to assess the added value of citizen science techniques.

Additional information about this project will be provided here later in 2015. The project is due for full launch in early 2016.

For further details, please contact us.