'Day in the Life' - Short Films Project

Imperative Space has produced a series of short films revealing 'a day in the life' of leading UK space scientists and engineers. The films open a 'window' on to the breadth of work conducted across the space sector in the UK, and provide an insight into the careers and roles available in the sector.

Each film is accompanied by lesson plans and teaching resources, and the films will be distributed widely to science education organisations, science centres and online.

The first phase of the project has been funded jointly by the UK Space Agency, RAL Space and Imperative Space.

The RAL-funded films profile space scientists and engineers based at the main RAL Space facilities in Harwell, Oxfordshire. The featured individuals include leading figures in research as well as younger innovators and engineers.

Other films feature figures from Astrium, Vega Space, SSTL and MSSL. In due course, it is hoped that the project will expand to include scientists and engineers from a wider range of companies and research centres, from across all parts of the space sector.

For more information, or to obtain copies of the films and accompanying lesson ideas, please contact us.

PROJECT UPDATE: The films have now been widely distributed to education partners, and are available to view and download from the ESERO-UK STEM eLibrary.

They can also be viewed below, on the UK Space Agency website, and on other websites.

Two additional films added to the series can also be viewed here.